BBC Radio 6 Music hits a new high record

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Posted 22 October 2014, 8.00pm edt

  • Radio 6 Music mow reaches nearly two million listeners every week
  • Lauren Laverne the most popular show on the station
  • Asian Network, 1Xtra and Radio 4 Extra also gain listeners

Radio 6 Music is reaching a record audience of nearly 2 million people each week – with Lauren Laverne’s mid-morning show now the most popular on the station - according to new figures published today.

The digital-only station’s weekly audience grew to 1.99 million - from 1.73m a year ago and 1.89m last quarter - while the Lauren Laverne show drew a record audience of 868,000 listeners every week, making it the most popular on the network.

The figures published by RAJAR also show the station’s share has grown to 1.8%, from 1.5% last year and 1.6% last quarter.

Helen Boaden, Director of BBC Radio, said: “I’m absolutely delighted to see Radio 6 Music flourishing and one of our roster of outstanding female presenters leading the charge. The station offers something completely distinctive and Lauren’s show is a case study in engaging and intelligent music radio.”

The figures for the period (23rd June - 14th September) also show All BBC Radio reached 34.85 million people every week (from 35.11m last year and 35.23m last quarter) and posted a share of 53.6% (53.4% last year and 53.3% last quarter).

Radio 1 attracted 10.55 million listeners during the period (from 10.80m last quarter and 10.83m last year) with a share of 6.9%, (from 6.8% last quarter and 6.6% last year). The Nick Grimshaw Breakfast Show now attracts 5.82 million listeners each week, compared to 5.58m last year and 5.97m last quarter.

Radio 2’s weekly reach of 15.01 million is down from last quarter’s 15.5m but up on last year’s 14.94m, with a share of 17% (17.7% last quarter and 16.9% last year). The Chris Evans Breakfast Show attracted 9.3 million listeners per week, down from last quarter’s record 9.91m but level with last year’s 9.35m.

Radio 3 has a weekly audience of 1.91 million listeners – compared to 1.88m last quarter and 2.03m last year. The network’s share is 1.1%, against 1% last quarter and from 1.2% last year.

Radio 4 posted a weekly reach of 10.62 million (10.53m last quarter and 10.87m last year) and a share of 11.9% (11.6% last quarter and 11.8% last year, while The Today programme drew 6.69 million listeners each week, from 6.71m last quarter and 6.81m last year.

BBC Radio 5 live posted a combined reach with sister station 5 live sports extra of 6.13 million listeners, from 6.44m last quarter and 6.53m last year. Share for Radio 5 live (inc. sports extra) is 4.3% (4.4% last quarter and 4.5% last year).

The Asian Network drew 629,000 listeners, reporting on a six-monthly basis, compared to 552,000 last quarter.

Radio 1’s sister station Radio 1Xtra drew an audience of 1.06 million weekly listeners across the period, from 937,000 last quarter and 1.19m last year.

Radio 4 Extra attracted 1.63 million listeners during the period, from last quarter’s 1.57 million and last year’s 1.59 million.

BBC World Service posted a UK reach of 1.31 million (from 1.37m last quarter and 1.46m last year), while BBC Local / Regional radio reached 8.95 million listeners per week - from 8.99m last quarter and 9.26m last year.