Citybeat Radio launches radio's first hyper-local offers app in Ireland

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Posted 8 August 2014, 5.52am edt

Citybeat Radio in Belfast has become the first radio station in Ireland to adopt ground-breaking technology that individually targets potential customers to maximise audience engagement.

The Belfast business has joined up with XtremePush to use geo-fencing in its new iOS and Android app, allowing it to set up a virtual perimeter around a store, venue or area, meaning anyone who has downloaded their app and enters their geo-fenced vicinity can be targeted with engaging, timely and relevant updates from Citybeat and in turn their clients latest promotions.

Brian Commins, Citybeat’s Managing Director, said: "This exciting new development means businesses working with Citybeat can use push notifications to engage users in the right context, in the right place, at the right time. This could be in-store, entering a stadium, in and around the city or further afield, allowing customers the chance to find out the day's best offers or music fans to upgrade their seats - all at the touch of a button."

"XtremePush lets us closely analyse the results of our engagement, we can track how many pushes were sent and opened, page impressions etc allowing us to hone our messages to get a greater engagement for the station and return on investment for our clients".

Tommy Kearns, CEO of XtremePush said: "We are excited to be working with a brand like Citybeat especially when we’re rolling out a cutting-edge technology in a live environment."

"Geo-fencing is the next step in mobile engagement. Our clients typically see a 300% increase in engagement when using targeted push notifications based on geo fence or iBeacon technology. That's good news for the station and for advertisers, giving them a bigger platform and presence with Citybeat’’.

The next step for Citybeat will be integrating iBeacon, which allows PUSH notifications at an even closer range. Using iBeacon will allow the Citybeat app to pinpoint which area of a shop customers are in, or where they are sitting at a concert. That in turn allows the potential for increasingly specifically targeted marketing.

The new Citybeat app is now available on iTunes and Google Play.

[What's geo-fencing? This article by Anthony Garghetta explains more.]