Local TV responds to DEC Nepal Earthquake Appeal

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Posted 30 April 2015, 6.13pm edt

Britain’s Local TV stations have come together to donate airtime for multiple screenings of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) Nepal Earthquake Appeal.

In a first for the growing network of local channels arrangements were quickly made to broadcast the appeal to a combined audience of up to 12.4million on 17 stations that now broadcast in areas all over the UK.

The appeal is a 3 minute film, showing heartrending footage from the devastated region of the Himalayas, and fronted by Joanna Lumley. It appeals for donations to fund urgently needed supplies including medicine, food, water and clothing.

Steve Buckley of Sheffield Live TV instigated and co-ordinated the LTVN response, and was praised for his actions by Local TV Network Chair Chris Johnson.

Chris said: “The scale of the suffering and destruction caused by the earthquake has triggered a huge well of sympathy for its victims from individuals and communities all around the world.

“The speed and efficiency of the Disasters Emergency Committee response has been impressive but they face huge challenges in getting the relief to the disaster zone.

“Once Steve Buckley suggested local TV stations could help by broadcasting the DEC Appeal the response, from our members, was tremendous.

“I am pleased to say that all 17 stations in the LTVN have offered airtime in news bulletins and elsewhere in schedules.

“The dynamic and flexible nature of local TV means that LTVN members are well-placed to get this this kind of appeal on air swiftly and to keep it going over a sustained period.

“Most if not all of the local stations already publicise local charities and partner with volunteer groups.

“But the unimaginable scale of this disaster has prompted a co-ordinated response and we are going to examine more closely how we can work effectively together on national and international causes. ”

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