New website and apps for Jazz FM

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Posted 1 October 2014, 7.58am edt

Jazz FM have a brand new website and mobile applications today, provided by G Media, dramatically boosting the station’s online and mobile presence.

The website is one of the first fully responsive websites in UK radio, meaning it works great on a desktop PC, tablet and mobile device.

To undertake the project, G Media have completely re-built from scratch the way they deliver radio station websites, and Jazz FM is the first in a new wave of mobile optimised sites for the company.

The new website also features a higher quality stream in Radioplayer for listeners who are logged in, plus 7 day catch-up for all programmes online and in the new mobile apps.

Jonathan Arendt, CEO, Jazz FM said: “The team at G Media have taken Listen in Colour to new heights in the new - a fully responsive site with totally clear, intuitive navigation – great work. We are incredibly proud of the new and our new apps.”

Luke Taylor, Creative Director, G Media added: “We've been working closely with Jazz FM to deliver a beautiful design that works for them. Alongside this, we've improved our tools to make it extremely easy for Jazz FM to deliver the same great content to listeners regardless of the device they're using.”

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