RAB wins award for ROI Multiplier

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Posted 17 November 2014, 11.02am est

Corey Harrison

The Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) has picked up an award for its research study, Radio: the ROI Multiplier, at the Media Research Group (MRG) Awards held last week in Berlin.

The RAB picked up the award in the Best Trade Body Research category having been shortlisted alongside Thinkbox’s Screen Life, the Outdoor Media Centre’s Active Brains, Active Spaces study and Newsworks’ Tablet project.

The RAB’s Radio: the ROI Multiplier was unveiled in October 2013 and revealed that brands using radio for their advertising get nearly eight times the return on investment. The study conducted the first-ever analysis of confidential cross-agency data which showed that on average radio advertisers get their money back 7.7 times over, making radio the medium with the second-highest return on investment (TV is first), out-performing press, outdoor and online.

The MRG Awards are designed to specifically celebrate the achievements of the media research industry. The Best Trade Body Research category was looking for original work demonstrating the power of the medium but also encouraging smarter, more creative and efficient investment and growth in that medium.

Mark Barber, Planning Director of the RAB said: “With data sourced from the UK’s major econometrics agencies the RAB analysis provides the most detailed and robust perspective on radio ROI in the world and has had a lot of interest from overseas as well as in the UK. It’s great to see this piece of work gaining recognition, not only from advertisers and agencies, but also from our peers.”

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