We're getting breakfast radio wrong, says PPM analysis in Scandinavia

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Posted 11 November 2014, 8.17am est

Jonathan Lin

For most radio professionals it is an untouchable principle that morning shows must be tailored for listeners in a hurry, most of them on the go. With bite-sized content and lots and lots of traffic, time-checks and weather.

New data analysis based on millions of listener movements from the official Scandinavian PPM ratings systems show that this long-standing model has too rigid a focal point. Only half of listeners on Scandinavian airwaves leave their homes during the breakfast show and during the 6 AM to 9 AM period the in-home listeners heavily outnumber listeners on the go.

The findings come from ”2014 Autumn Analysis - Mythbusting the Airwaves”, undertaken by Danish radio/software company RadioAnalyzer.

The analysis suggests that the misinterpretation of the listeners’ rhythm of the day could play a major role in the uneven balance of power between public service radio and commercial radio in Scandinavia.

The public service radio stations differ more from the classic idea of building a show you can enjoy during commutes than commercial stations do. With less traffic and more news, less bite-size and more depth. The style is effective, as they are all-dominant during morning hours, while their drive dayparts are somewhat less popular.

This daypart balance is reversed on major commercial stations who perform best during drive. The high-paced formats and more casual content grow in popularity later in the day, most likely because more listeners are actually on the go during this daypart. Thus, commercial stations are fulfilling the exact same needs they trying in vain to meet during breakfast.

”2014 Autumn Analysis - Mythbusting the Airwaves” is available for free download here.

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