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Licensing information: Some information in directory pages is sourced through Freebase, licensed under CC-BY 2.5. Descriptions are from Wikipedia, licenced under CC-BY 3.0. Freebase attribution also links through to the Wikipedia page. Photos, where credited to a photographer, are licensed under Creative Commons BY.

The directory: Copyright Not At All Bad Ltd. All rights reserved. This site, and the lists of e-mail addresses and lists of sites referred to herein are copyrighted works of Not At All Bad Ltd. Reproduction in whole or in part, whether on paper, on the Internet, on CD-ROM or any other medium, including utilisation in machines capable of reproduction or retrieval, without the express permission of Not At All Bad Ltd is prohibited. Some non-critical detail has been altered to protect this intellectual property and track illegal use. Not At All Bad Ltd acknowledges that some names and logos are copyrighted works; these are used for identification purposes only, and copyright for these items remains with the owner. Information you submit with the intention of becoming part of our directory is deemed to be licenced to us for that use.

Comments, and the discussion area: Copyright for individual messages posted in our discussion areas remain the copyright of the individual poster. When posting to our website, you assign to us a non-exclusive worldwide licence to reproduce this material, for the limited purposes of operating, promoting and improving our services. You retain your own copyright for any other exploitation.

Articles: Except where otherwise indicated, articles are copyright Not At All Bad Ltd.

Jobs section and RSS feeds: All jobs index page data, and all RSS feed information, is released with CC-BY 3.0.