How to add your media title

Here's how to add your station, channel or publication to our directory. It's free

It's free to be listed in, and you can edit and maintain your own entry.

Here's who we list

Radio stations: We'll list any, legal, radio station anywhere in the world, on whatever platform. We may ask to see proof of your music licensing, or other rights details, to list you.

TV channels: We define a TV channel as something with live output, carried on a recognised platform. Typically this means that we won't list an on-demand YouTube channel, but if you're broadcasting on cable, satellite, DTT or anywhere else, we'd be happy to list you.

Magazines and newspapers: We list publications available anywhere in the world. We call a newspaper 'something printed on newsprint', and a magazine is something generally stapled on glossy paper (so The Economist, in spite of calling itself a newspaper, is actually in our magazine section). If you're online-only, we will now list you: but you must have a Wikipedia entry of your own to qualify for a listing, and your website must list a postal address.

Here's how to get listed

Just contact us with, at the least, a link to your website. It'll speed up your addition if you register first, since you'll then have access to the editing tools as soon as we've added your title. Good quality copies of your logos are a benefit, too.