Top Facebook likes for television channels in Australia

We follow 2,122 Facebook accounts across the media. Where a television channel has more than one main account, we’re currently simply adding the likes together for now; reflecting the total like number that these channels have. Click their names to discover more about them, and compare their followers with other social networks.

1Nat Geo People62,835,581 likes
2Nat Geo Wild62,835,581 likes
3National Geographic62,835,581 likes
4History Australia43,578,731 likes
5Food Network Australia29,279,702 likes
6Nickelodeon26,056,999 likes
7HGTV9,090,530 likes
8Universal Australia4,919,955 likes
9Channel 9 (3 accounts)3,937,105 likes
10Mildura Digital Television (3 accounts)3,937,105 likes
11Tasmanian Digital Television (3 accounts)3,937,105 likes
12West Digital Television (3 accounts)3,937,105 likes
13Syfy Australia3,933,284 likes
14ABC NEWS Channel3,873,197 likes
15Cartoon Network3,303,856 likes
169Gem (3 accounts)2,949,244 likes
179Go! (3 accounts)2,824,553 likes
18Channel 7 (3 accounts)2,730,600 likes
199Life (3 accounts)2,714,662 likes
20Boomerang1,371,551 likes
21Nick Jr.1,368,562 likes
22Fox Sports 5011,061,640 likes
23Fox Sports 5031,061,640 likes
24Fox Sports 5051,061,640 likes
25Fox Sports 5061,061,640 likes
26Fox Sports More1,061,640 likes
27Fox Sports News1,061,640 likes
28ABC938,928 likes
29MTV Classic767,555 likes
30MTV Dance767,555 likes
31SBS688,077 likes
32[V]606,538 likes
33Your Money (2 accounts)535,594 likes
34SBS VICELAND503,774 likes
35TEN466,854 likes
36The LifeStyle Channel361,305 likes
37CMC322,634 likes
38Fox Footy308,934 likes
39MTV Music278,928 likes
40ESPN270,604 likes
41ESPN2270,604 likes
42FOX8252,683 likes
43NITV213,020 likes
44Fox League204,715 likes
45ABC KIDS180,196 likes
46eGG173,961 likes
47LifeStyle FOOD172,042 likes
48Sky Racing 1 (2 accounts)156,040 likes
49The Comedy Channel152,694 likes
50Main Event144,261 likes
51showcase142,765 likes
52Comedy Central142,284 likes
53ABC COMEDY126,943 likes
54ABC ME113,292 likes
55LifeStyle YOU110,866 likes
56RACING.COM89,803 likes
57Sky Racing 278,020 likes
58Sky Thoroughbred Central78,020 likes
59SBS Food Network67,123 likes
60Foxtel Movies Action65,926 likes
61Foxtel Movies Comedy65,926 likes
62Foxtel Movies Disney65,926 likes
63Foxtel Movies Family65,926 likes
64Foxtel Movies Masterpiece65,926 likes
65Foxtel Movies More65,926 likes
66Foxtel Movies Premiere65,926 likes
67Foxtel Movies Romance65,926 likes
68Foxtel Movies Thriller65,926 likes
69A&E Australia63,313 likes
70Arena62,247 likes
71Travel Channel Asia55,459 likes
72World Movies44,464 likes
73MAX37,284 likes
74Southern Cross GTS/BKN (2 accounts)25,214 likes
75PRIME720,960 likes
76ONE20,506 likes
787mate19,039 likes
797TWO12,715 likes
80LifeStyle HOME12,679 likes
81TVH!TS11,751 likes
82GWN79,197 likes
83C31 Melbourne8,929 likes
84Foxtel Arts7,199 likes
85Southern Cross Tasmania6,635 likes
86Aurora Community Channel6,570 likes
87FOX Classics4,412 likes
88BoxSets3,571 likes
89Southern Cross Darwin3,286 likes
90Foxtel Smooth1,556 likes
91Binge1,197 likes
92Southern Cross Central159 likes