Sport Magazine Unveils Sport Uncovered

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Posted 15 January 2015, 6.09am est

Sport Magazine is launching an innovative new photography series, Sport Uncovered, revealing sportsmen and women as they’ve never been seen before.

The magazine has commissioned photographer Jon Enoch to simply produce a series of shots of athletes in their rawest form. Working with Sport’s art director John Mahood and features editor Sarah Shephard, he has produced a collection of stylish, artistic and often breathtaking images. Jon Enoch also shot Sport’s PPA Award-winning Paul Gascoigne cover in 2011.

Sport Uncovered begins on Friday 16 January with heptathlete Louise Hazel, and will be followed by a number of others including footballer Marvin Sordell, Paralympian Beth Woodward and swimmer Mark Foster.

Sport Editor Tony Hodson said: “These pictures are a remarkable celebration of athletes’ bodies. Jon has done a terrific job, and the athletes themselves loved taking part in the shoots. The result is a quite brilliant set of pictures that will make Sport the talk of the industry.”

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