TV Reporter / Video Journalist

A full-time journalism job at That's Scarborough in Scarborough
Posted 27 May 2017, 11.27am edt

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Fancy an idyllic life living by the beach, reporting on major news stories and helping to run your own Freeview TV channel?

That’s TV, the UK’s largest local TV operator, is now working on the launch of That’s Scarborough on the North Yorkshire Coast – an area that feels desperately underserved by existing regional TV.

That's Scarborough is now recruiting Video Journalists to deliver news reports and features for its daily news magazine programme on Freeview channel 7 launching later this year.

The station seeks multi-skilled journalists seeking to make a big name for themselves in a local TV station with a ‘big city’ mentality before moving their careers onto the national stage.

You will be an important part of the core production team delivering a major local news and entertainment service on TV and online.

This isn’t your standard 9 to 5. You will setup, shoot and edit your own packages and help write and produce the station's daily news magazine shows. There will also be opportunities to present on-screen.

This is a rare opportunity for exceptional candidates to gain significant experience in TV reporting and presenting. That's Scarborough will, in common with all That’s TV channels, also enter into a contract to share its news footage with the BBC.

That's Scarborough is seeking proven journalists who will bin the press releases and go out and find their own challenging news stories and features which tug at the heart-strings.

This job closed on 24 June, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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