Ofcom deny London Live's application to change licence

By James Cridland for
Posted 16 September 2014, 6.41am edt

UK media regulator Ofcom has denied an application from London Live, the local television company for London, to vary its licence.

The request from ESTV, which broadcasts as London Live, was to reduce the amount of local programming - both live programming and repeated material - carried on the service.

After a meeting on 9 September 2014, Ofcom have declined to allow the station to change its licence terms. Ofcom's view is that it would substantially alter the character of the service, and in particular that a change to the commitment to deliver hyper-local programming per borough, which had been a "particularly important factor" in the licence being awarded in the first place, was unacceptable.

Ofcom have published their full decision on their website (pdf).

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