RadioDNS launches XSI file generator

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Posted 18 September 2014, 4.34am edt

RadioDNS, the not-for-profit international organisation promoting hybrid radio, has launched a new XSI meta-data tool at, making it easier to understand and get started with RadioDNS Hybrid Radio.

The XSI (the eXtended Service Information file) is the collection of information which allows a broadcast radio station to appear like it's in an app, complete with logos, proper full name, and information on the current programme. It's also how you enable the automatic switching between broadcast radio and IP streaming.

The XSI is an XML file, which sits on a specific URL on the radio station's website. The XSI tool guides you through collecting information about your station, and then creates an XSI file which you can download and save onto your station website. Once it's in place, and your station is registered in RadioDNS, then any RadioDNS compliant device can automatically retrieve that information and use it to improve your station's listing.

The XSI tool allows you to create information on one or many stations, and can also be used to edit and validate existing XSI files if you need to update anything.

As the XSI is such an important part of RadioDNS, we have made the tool so that virtually anyone can create one, which makes it much easier for stations to start using RadioDNS.

Editor's Note: plans to ingest RadioDNS's XSI files automatically as part of our radio broadcast directory later this year.