HIT Easy - listening figures

How many people listen to HIT Easy? This page has the latest official audience figures.

Caution: All figures quoted include listening on DAB+ and online in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide only. Listening to this station may also occur in other parts of Australia, and will not appear in these survey results.

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More info: to find out more, including station addresses, people who work there, audience figures and how to listen, see HIT Easy’s directory listing.

Overview for HIT Easy

Survey1, 2018
Surveyed stationEASY HITS RADIO
Weekly audience111,0005.30am to midnight, adults 10+, all five surveyed cities

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We use the largest available reported area for each station. Where a station is surveyed across multiple areas, we have added together cume figures for a total cume across all surveyed cities. Online listening occurs outside the capital cities surveyed, and this data does not include that.