Top Facebook likes for radio stations in Norway

Data here is from late 2019. We are awaiting re-authorisation of this feature from Facebook.

We follow 2,206 Facebook accounts across the media. Where a radio station has more than one main account, we’re currently simply adding the likes together for now; reflecting the total like number that these stations have. Click their names to discover more about them, and compare their followers with other social networks.

1NRK P3 (2 accounts)422,152 likes
2NRJ302,388 likes
3Radio Norge63,526 likes
4P5 Hits48,583 likes
5NRK P1325,077 likes
6Radio Vinyl19,643 likes
7KISS (Norway)16,110 likes
8P6 Rock7,392 likes
9Radio Soft6,798 likes
10Topp 406,520 likes
11Norsk Pop3,954 likes
12P8 Pop2,368 likes