Top Twitter followers for radio stations in Norway

We follow 8,440 Twitter accounts across the media. Where a radio station has more than one main account, we’re currently simply adding the followers together for now; reflecting the total follower number that these stations have. Click their names to discover more about them, and compare their followers with other social networks.

1. NRK P3 (2 accounts)80,220 followers
2. NRK Sport - @NRK_Sport74,574 followers
3. NRK Alltid Nyheter - @nrknyheter45,189 followers
4. NRJ - @NRJNorge11,025 followers
5. Radio Norge - @RadioNorgeAS3,083 followers
6. NRK mP3 - @NRKMP33,033 followers
7. NRK P1 - @NRKP12,226 followers
8. NRK P2 - @NRKP22,188 followers
9. P4 Radio Hele Norge - @P4Lyden2,151 followers
10. NRK Radio Super - @NRKSuper1,131 followers
11. KISS - @KISSNorge495 followers
12. P5 Hits - @P5hits341 followers
13. P6 Rock - @P6Rock127 followers