Australian ABC Radio app now supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

By James Cridland for
Posted 25 October 2016, 8.21pm edt


The Australian ABC Radio app now supports the connected dash, it was announced today. The broadcaster expects connected car penetration to increase to 8.4% by 2020, and has enabled access to the app from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The app includes podcasts, live streams, and full-program catch-up (which the press release called 'segmented content', jargon-watchers).

As a new feature, the app also includes a one-click button to play the latest hourly news bulletin: reflecting the on-demand wishes of mobile consumers. This, to me, is a relatively simple but valuable feature, and it's surprising that it isn't in more radio apps.

Press release

Connected cars the new frontier for ABC Radio ABC Radio’s live and on-demand content will reach new audiences with the ABC Radio app now ready for the connected car and available via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Connected car users can access their favourite podcasts and streamed or segmented content from stations like ideas network RN, youth network triple j, local metro or regional stations, ABC Classic FM and music network Double J by using their Apple or Android smartphones to connect to their car’s infotainment system.

App users will never miss a news update, as the new release also includes hourly news bulletins featured as segmented audio and available at any time.

Using the ABC Radio app allows drivers and their passengers to enjoy the full spectrum of ABC Radio content, both live and on demand, whenever and wherever they want.

Connected car penetration is due to grow by a million cars from 2.0% to 8.4% in 2020, (Statista 2016) and ABC Radio is at the forefront of the Australian connected car experience.

"Today’s audiences expect connectivity in every sphere of their lives, including the car space," said ABC Director of Radio, Michael Mason. "Around one third of Australian radio listening happens in the car, so by entering the connected car space we’re meeting audiences where they want to be found."

ABC Radio will further develop its app in 2017 to bring users an even more tailored and personalised audio experience.

The ABC Radio app v3.6 is available now for download from the Apple app or Google Play stores.

More information

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