BOB fm bans Scottish music ahead of the referendum

From a press release to
Posted 10 September 2014, 7.39am edt

This morning at 8.20am, Programme Controller and Breakfast Show host, Graham Mack, stopped The Proclaimers ‘500 Miles’ halfway through and said, “I’ve had enough of this! You’ll walk 500 hundred miles but you don’t want anything to do with England? After all we’ve done for you! For 300 years, we’ve put up with your bagpipes, your spicey eggs, your hairy cattle, your short arsed ponies, your men in skirts, and... THE KRANKIES! You ungrateful bunch of whiskey swigging, haggis munching caber tossers! From now on, this radio station is banning anything Scottish, that includes music by ALL Scottish artists! Until further notice, BOB fm is now Scot Free!”

Former BOB fm artists that will no longer be played include Paolo Nutini, KT Tunstall and Primal Scream. The station has also has a new logo which features the union flag without the Saint Andrew's Cross.

Managing Director of BOB fm, Brett Harley said, “This radio station will remain Scot Free until after the referendum when a decision on the future of Scottish music on BOB fm will be made”.