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By James Cridland for
Posted 11 June 2015, 7.53am edt


According to the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix twitter account, today marks twenty years since Pete Tong first read out the website address on-air.

Below, listen to a recording of that moment, on 11 June 1995: and a reminder that website addresses have not, quite, always been as snappy as "".

The BBC used the "" address, heard here, until December 1997. The BBC Networking Club was a not-for-profit social networking site, costing £12 a month to join.

Altavista, widely regarded as the first comprehensive search engine, launched later that year in December. Google launched three years later, in 1998.

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5 years, 10 months ago

If memory serves it was also around this time that one of the first TV commercials to feature a URL was broadcast. The famous Guinness "Anticipation" advert that propelled Perez Prado's Guaglione back into the charts was the one that first caught my attention.

It isn't on any of the versions on YouTube, but late runs of it had a caption at the end which flashed up:

A huge breach of protocol as I don't think any browser at the time could cope without the http:// being entered in the address bar. But if you penetrated that the site then allowed you to download a Windows screensaver featuring the dancing man.

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