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Posted 28 November 2017, 2.30am est

Omny Studio, the creators of the leading on demand audio publishing platform for broadcasters and enterprise podcasters, announced today the addition of an intelligent automation feature to their live broadcast capture software, which enables radio stations to instantly transform on-air broadcasts into monetised podcasts without manual editing.

The automated broadcast-to-podcast software within the Omny Studio platform enables broadcasters to automate the stitching of on-air show segments immediately after they air, so they can be made available on-demand both instantly and effortlessly. It also allows for individual segments to be auto-published on their own for shorter, faster-to-consume on-demand content.

In addition, the automated broadcast-to-podcast software identifies and labels talk segments from music and advertising content for selective inclusion in podcasts. Station operators can customize the software to intelligently combine multiple segments into one episode, as well as insert sound effects between segments and chapter markers to enhance the listener experience and improve discoverability.

Through its integration with Triton Digital’s robust advertising technology, the tool can also automatically unlock on-demand revenue opportunities by intelligently applying pre-roll and mid-roll advertising markers between segments in the podcast.

“We simplified and modernized archiving radio content with our original broadcast capture software, and now we’re taking that innovation one step further”, said Sharon Taylor, CEO of Omny Studio. “By turning the software into more of a team member for radio stations, we are removing two of the largest obstacles that broadcasters face when sharing their content in an on-demand setting - limited time and limited resources.”

“The 2017 Infinite Dial study reported that podcast listeners are increasingly on the go, with more than half of consumers listening to content during their morning commute, at work, on foot, or while working out,” said John Rosso, President of Market Development at Triton Digital. “The appetite for time-shifted audio is incredibly high, and Omny’s automation feature makes it easy for broadcasters to both create and publish engaging content to serve this appetite.”

The feature is available today for all Omny Studio broadcast clients around the globe.

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