#RAJAR - BBC figures show records for Today and BBC Local Radio up

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Posted 8 February 2017, 9.14pm est

BBC Press Release: Record audiences for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme

BBC Radio 4’s Today programme has recorded its highest ever audience figures.

The show reached 7.45 million weekly listeners (from 7.1m last quarter and 7.03m last year), according to the latest RAJAR figures (Q4 2016, 19th Sept - 18th Dec 2016). BBC Radio 4 reached its second highest reach with 11.33 million listeners (11.23m last quarter and 10.93m last year) and a share of 12.7% (11.8% last quarter and 12.4% last year).

The listening of live radio across the UK, including both the commercial stations and BBC Radio, reached its second highest reach with 48.68m listeners each week. BBC Radio’s overall weekly reach over the period was 35.2 million (34.82m last quarter and 34.95m last year) and a share of 53.5% (51.5% last quarter and 53.5% last year). The average time spent with BBC Radio was 15.9h a week per listener.

Bob Shennan, Director of BBC Radio and Music said:

“With more competition for people’s time, it is heartening to see the increased relevance of live radio listening in their daily routines, and that the time they spend with us is growing again.

“In an era of fake news, echo chambers and significant shifts in global politics, the role of Radio 4’s Today as the trusted guide to the world around us is more important than ever. As Today celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, Radio 4 listeners continue to wake up to world class journalism which scrutinises the headlines, holds those in power to account and enlightens them with stories that shape our society.”

BBC Radio 1 posted a reach of 9.56 million listeners (from 9.87m last quarter and 10.33m last year) – which rises to 10.54m when listeners aged 10 to 14 are included – while the network’s share of listening was 5.8% (from 6% last quarter and 6.1% last year). The Radio 1 Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw now attracts 5.37 million listeners per week, compared to 5.25m last quarter and 5.87m last year. Including all listeners aged 10+, the show now has a weekly audience of 5.82m.

BBC Radio 2’s weekly audience was 15.05 million (from 15.14m last quarter and 15.47m last year) while the station’s share of listening was 17.3% (16.7% last quarter and 17.7% last year). The Chris Evans Breakfast Show attracted 9.21 million listeners per week, compared to 9.06m last quarter and 9.44m last year.

BBC Radio 3’s audience was 2.12 million in this quarter, which covered the 70th anniversary of the station. This was from 1.98m last quarter and 2.05m last year and Radio 3’s share was 1.4% (1.2% last quarter and 1.2% last year).

BBC Radio 5 live posted a reach of 5.71 million listeners (5.5m last quarter and 5.59m last year) and a share of 3.6% (3.5% last quarter and 3.6% last year).

Amongst digital-only stations, BBC Radio 1Xtra had a reach of 909,000 weekly listeners across the period (from 1.03m last quarter and 1.05m last year), BBC Radio 6 Music drew 2.33 million listeners (from a record 2.34m last quarter and 2.20m last year), BBC Radio 4 Extra attracted 2.18 million listeners per week (from 2.04m last quarter and 2.11m last year), and BBC Radio 5 live sports extra posted 1.17 million listeners (from 1.6m last quarter and 1.24m last year).

BBC Asian Network drew 632,000 listeners, compared to 662,000 listeners last quarter and 563,000 last year.

The BBC World Service posted a weekly UK audience of 1.53 million (from 1.54m last quarter and 1.51m last year).

BBC Local radio reached 8.89 million listeners per week, from 8.43m last quarter and 8.56m last year.

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