A temporary sales job at MCMA / Black Diamond FM in Newtongrange, Dalkeith, UK
Posted 22 March 2018, 6.13am edt

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER 20 hours per week £15,248 Per annum (Based on full-time salary of £27K p.a.)

As a result of receiving grant funding we seek to employ someone on a temporary contract for period of 12 months.

The successful applicant will be an enthusiastic and motivated individual who will develop a range of income streams to support the work of the Association.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with local businesses and other stakeholders to market Black Diamond FM as a key asset in engaging with the Midlothian community.

You will have good communication skills with a background in marketing/ sales or allied activity and be able to create a long–term strategy to ensure that the Association is sustainable.

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This job closed on 19 April, 2018 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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