Creative Partnership Project Manager

A full-time sales job at Bauer Media Group in Scotland
Posted 18 October 2017, 1.09pm edt

Working closely with Head of Creative Partnerships, Account Directors/Managers to deliver unrivalled Branded Content concepts in line with the Branded Content strategy.

The role will require meeting agencies to sell/showcase Branded Content opportunities as well as responding to incoming briefs.

This customer facing role plays a pivotal part in the delivery of all Branded Content for Bauer Media in Scotland, acting as Project Manager from briefing, to booking, to delivery of successful campaigns.  The team objective is to grow revenue through delivering the best service and the best ideas to our agencies and customers. 

In addition to the customer facing requirement of the role, this position involves with all of the internal production systems, liaising with Programming and Production teams across the company. 

Main Responsibilities:. Stimulate new business and retain existing by creating and refreshing ideas for beyond the spot creative. Assess each brief and use our full Bauer Media estate within your concept and generate creative and efficient responses.. Innovate – devise & implement new ideas/systems that will help stimulate and deliver better Branded Content.. Develop strong relationships with programming personnel and Branded Content/S&P teams at on all brands to ensure we get the best ideas . Forge strong relationships with other departments, to include; sales, programming, marketing, creative, production, traffic and research.. Event Management/site visits & where necessary, be present to oversee events/campaigns . Inform, manage and ensure transparency with regard to all concepts. Deliver on promises and see it through

Skills & Abilities:. Capable of creating an idea, achieving buy-in and seeing it through from start to finish. A capable operator, able to manage multiple jobs at one time. Ability to stay calm under pressure. Good time management & ability to prioritise. Knowledge of Bauer Media estate (Digital, Magazine, TV and Radio). Able to communicate effectively at all levels, both internally and externally. Forging strong working relationships both internally and externally. Demonstrate a creative mind capable of thinking laterally as well as logically. An amazing attention to detail. Proven track record of juggling a number of different campaigns at the same time is preferable. Providing high levels of customer service to all booked campaigns therefore ensuring the highest levels of renewals possible. Ensuring we obtain the best reputation in the market for campaign delivery. Level-headed, ability to ‘think on your feet’ and work well under pressure. Numerate and computer literate

This job closed on 30 November, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.

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