Freelance Broadcast Journalist

A freelance and contract programming job at Lyca Radio in London
Posted 4 March 2017, 2.24pm est

Freelance Broadcast Journalist - on air on mobile and on line. Your chance to join as we expand to build and present a 15 minute live lunch time news bulletin and a half hour live evening news bulletin for the British Asian Community in Greater London. You will update recorded headlines on a second station and update news stories on a 3rd.
This is a 12 hour shift so pays very well for any days worked. You will be chasing stories from the British Asian Community across the UK and the fascinating Geo-political situation in the South Asian Region. There is an opportunity for your skills to grow within our increasing group of radio stations.

This job closed on 31 March, 2017 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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