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A full-time journalism job at Hala London in London
Posted 10 September 2019, 9.12am edt

Hala London is looking for a talented, bilingual journalist with a passion for making great radio/video/social content. Must be able to write fluently in English and Arabic. We are looking for various roles at present, so send us a CV and a short cover letter to outline your skills. Don't worry about sending pages and pages, just a quick bio about yourself in 250 words or less. If you can write your cover letter in both English and Arabic, we'd love to see it! Don't forget to attach your CV too.

About Hala London: Our spoken programming is mainly Arabic, but sometimes in English. Our remit is 'peace and love to the world'. We have our own app; we're available via online radio apps/platforms; our Facebook page has already amassed 25,000+ and we have aims to be on satellite TV within months. Our own website is:

Some quickfire facts about us so far:

  • Founder and Presenter Lina Kay is already a member of the Foreign Press Association; Instagram: @linakay01
  • We have William Morris as a presenter (also of the Foreign Office, and currently Sec. Gen. of Next Century Foundation and ex-Chairman of the Int'l Council for Press and Broadcasting).
  • We have already had guests in the form of Richard Ratcliffe (husband to Nazanin Zaghari- Ratcliffe), the PETA Director (Elisa Allen), Amnesty Int'l Middle East representative (Devin Kenney), UN Refugee Officer (Ammar Saleh).
  • We have hosted Siwar Al-Assad, Head of the ARAMEA Foundation.
  • We have both a large UK-based audience, and a combined notable interactive audience from: United States, France, Lebanon, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Morocco, Israel (plus others).
  • Partnered with online news platform @TheVoiceOfFreedomUK (صوت الحرية), with a Facebook membership of 100,000+ (
  • Soon to launch our Women Only platforms, helping support women of the Middle East and the UK. This is on the back of promoting women's issues with Doctor (of Law) Hamza Aaid of Iraq and Mr Richard Baker (MA, MB, BChir, MRCS(Ed), MD(Res), FRCS(Plast) of the UK.
  • We have an ongoing series of interviews aimed at promoting peace in Libya, set to host a representative of General Haftar of Libya, along with several other factions within Libya.
This job closed on 20 September, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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