Senior multimedia reporter

A full-time journalism job at in Brighton
Posted 21 December 2018, 8.40am est is the UK's leading news and recruitment site for the journalism and publishing industry, with a worldwide reach and influence and an unrivalled focus on digital developments in the industry since 1999. We are based in the fun-loving and enterprising city of Brighton.

We are now looking for a senior multimedia reporter with, ideally, a broadcast/multimedia background to continue our coverage of an industry that is changing more rapidly and dynamically than at any time in its history.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • Knowledgeable about the latest developments within digital journalism and publishing, and the challenges and opportunities for news outlets on digital platforms.
  • Multimedia skilled: with demonstrable experience of using different platforms to tell stories; familiarity with editing tools for video, audio and still images. (You will be expected to produce a podcast for our site at least once every three weeks, sometimes more frequently.)
  • Web and social media literate: capable of in-depth research using advanced search tools on multiple platforms (such as TweetDeck etc).
  • Highly literate with good editing skills, able to spot a literal or grammatical error at a 100 paces.
  • Business savvy: our journalists need to play a major part in our business development, including helping to set the agendas for our thrice-yearly newsrewired conferences, procuring speakers, promoting the event etc.
  • Equipped with a strong news instinct and the dogged determination to make a story stand up and meet daily deadlines.
  • Capable of managing his or her time effectively - time management skills will be crucial to success in this role.
  • Confident: comfortable with talking to people of all ranks and building good industry contacts using both traditional and social networking methods; capable of delivering presentations in our subject area and moderating panels.
  • A self-starter: we are a small company and need staff who can work under their own steam most of the time.

The job involves some travel, in the UK and abroad. We also offer 20 days' holiday per year and usually close between Christmas and New Year.

This job closed on 18 January, 2019 so we’re afraid you can no longer apply for this role.
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