All-time high for Finnish commercial radio

By James Cridland for
Posted 29 January 2015, 3.38pm est

Finnish commercial radio had a record 2014, according to Finnish trade organisation RadioMedia.

While advertising in general was down 2.6%, radio saw a growth of 9.4% in revenue.

Ten years ago, the organisation says, print media commanded 75% of all advertising spend. Now it is 46%, with electronic media (radio, TV and online) gaining the lion's share of revenues for the first time in the country's history.

In 2014, radio grew from a 4.4% share to a 5% share.

The commercial radio market is worth €57.2m euro (£43m, $65m) a year, say the association.

Commercial radio in Finland, a country with around 5m people, is just 30 years old. More than two-thirds of the country tune in to radio every day. Published figures from 2011 show a 44% reach for YLE, the public service broadcaster, and a 49% reach for commercial radio, which is the market leader for under 35s.

RadioMedia launched a Radioplayer-like mobile app and website last year, offering all Finnish radio stations in one app.

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