ARN and Whooshkaa create radio podcast network

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Posted 13 September 2017, 3.03am edt

Australia’s most dynamic and progressive audio companies, Whooshkaa and the Australian Radio Network (ARN), are partnering to create a radio podcast network with unprecedented reach and flexibility.

Podcast platform Whooshkaa delivers best-in-class technology for podcasters and radio networks, breaking new ground with content creation, delivery and text-to-speech options for print media.

ARN is one of the leading broadcasters in the country with ownership or investments in 12 radio stations nationwide.

Its network brands KIIS, Pure Gold and The Edge entertain and influence more than four million listeners on-air across Australia, with a digital audience of 2.7 million and a social footprint of 4 million.

ARN launched iHeartRadio, the world’s fastest growing digital service, to the Australian market in 2013 and the platform has had over 1 million downloads. iHeartRadio is a free, all-in-one radio, music streaming, entertainment and live events platform.

Whooshkaa will host ARN’s radio podcasts, led by some of Australia’s best-known and loved breakfast and drivetime talent: Kyle & Jackie, Hughesy & Kate and Jonesy and Amanda. Together, the companies will deliver and monetise audio products across all key demographics.

Whooshkaa Founder and CEO Robert Loewenthal said the platform consistently pushed the boundaries of digital technology, hosting small-scale podcasters to large networks. “Our tech stack helps companies with on-demand audio hosting, recording, distribution and commercialisation. We are now the largest and most diverse digital audio network in Australia,” he said.

ARN CEO Rob Atkinson said his audiences’ growing appetite for on-demand audio was obvious. “So we’ve partnered with Whooshkaa to take advantage of this emerging opportunity,” he said. “They offer some of the most innovative solutions for audio technology and sales in the world and we provide the best audio content in Australia. That’s why the partnership is fantastic.”

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