Aussie Radio comes together with RadioApp

By James Cridland for
Posted 6 October 2016, 9.00pm edt

James Cridland

A new, unified, radio app is to launch in Australia.

Joan Warner, the CEO of the industry body Commercial Radio Australia, announced the forthcoming launch of RadioApp at the beginning of the National Radio Conference in Australia this morning.

Unlike Canada, Ireland, the UK and Germany, the Australian RadioApp is not part of Radioplayer; and so therefore does not benefit from a wider, international ecosystem that's included integration with the Amazon Echo and a forthcoming hybrid radio receiver for cars.

The press release also seems explicit that it does not include community radio services.

RadioApp was originally launched by Southern Cross Austereo, and is a polished, impressive app. It's available for iOS and Android phones.

The Australian version of the iHeartRadio app also includes most Australian commercial radio services and ABC/SBS channels.

Press release

Radio to unite to launch streaming app

The commercial radio industry will join forces with the ABC and SBS to launch the first Australian mobile app that will allow listeners to live stream more than 250 Australian radio stations.

Industry body Commercial Radio Australia announced the new RadioApp at the National Radio Conference in Melbourne today, as part of a strategy to make listening on tablets, smartphones and computers much easier.

“Listening habits are evolving and RadioApp will ensure radio remains easily accessible no matter what platform or device our listeners choose to use,” said CRA chief executive officer Joan Warner.

“While radio station and network specific apps exist, this will put live and local Australian radio stations into one easy-to-access app, so listeners can see what’s playing on air and tune in wherever they are.”

RadioApp will launch in late November and will include the following features:

  • Listen live to Australian commercial, ABC and SBS radio stations, covering music, live sports, talk and news
  • Search to find radio stations by genre, name and location
  • Geo-location technology will recommend local stations by default
  • Wake up to and doze off to your nominated station with a built-in alarm clock and sleep-timer
  • View “just played” music playlists and purchase songs from the playlist.

Ms Warner said more features would be built in to the app in future stages, including the ability to subscribe to podcasts, social media integration and alerts for emergency services warnings.

“We operate in a highly competitive industry, so it’s great to have strong collaboration across both commercial and public broadcasters on a platform that will serve up live Australian content to radio listeners everywhere,” she said.

More than 12 million people listen to Australian commercial and public radio stations each week in the five metropolitan capitals. GfK figures show Australians spend an average of about six hours per week listening to Australian radio via streaming.

The app is being developed by All in Media (AIM), which has created a range of market-leading mobile apps for customers across Europe and Australia, including Southern Cross Austereo, the ABC, Bauer Media and Nova Entertainment.

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