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Posted 13 August 2015, 11.14am edt


BBC Radio Northampton are launching a feel good fortnight in order to keep listeners smiling over the next two weeks.

From 17 to 31 August the station will be exploring what it means to be happy, asking listeners to share what makes them happy, and creating some heart-warming on-air moments of happiness and joy.

BBC Radio Northampton’s Editor, Helen Grimes, explains: “Be Happy: Feel Good Fortnight is all about mental wellbeing: trying to encourage happiness, demonstrating happiness and discussing happiness.

“Throughout the fortnight we’ll be having round table discussions which will include key local people who aim to make Northamptonshire a ‘mentally-well place’, we’ll be playing some uplifting music specially chosen by our mid-morning presenter Bernie Keith (pictured above), and we’ll be encouraging our followers on social media to do one thing a day to make their lives, and those around them, happier.”

BBC Radio Northampton is aiming to put a smile on their listeners’ faces everyday across the fortnight. Helen says they don’t want to focus on just the mental health aspect of happiness but they also want to do more to get communities together and people out and doing things they enjoy.

“We have challenged ourselves to encourage our listeners to create a Happy Café in the county. We got this idea from Action for Happiness.

“The idea is simple; a friendly and welcoming place to meet other people with a shared interest in promoting happiness and wellbeing. It’s a place where you can express yourself and be inspired by others.

“We’re hoping that our listeners will create one of these cafes in Northamptonshire, use it and more importantly, keep it going.”

To connect with the BBC Radio Northampton team throughout the ‘Be Happy: Feel Good Fortnight’ tweet them using #BBCFGF.

*Helen Grimes is speaking at this year's Next Radio radio ideas conference, 14 September in London. You can buy tickets now.

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