BBC WM's Ed Doolan has dementia

By James Cridland for
Posted 29 January 2015, 5.55am est


BBC WM presenter Ed Doolan has revealed that he has been diagnosed with dementia, according to a report in the Express and Star newspaper.

The Australian broadcaster, 73, joined BBC WM in 1982. He presents a programme every week, which is pre-recorded on Wednesdays.

He's quoted as saying: "It is wonderful to still be able to do the Sunday show. It is a very therapeutic thing. I come in and record on a Wednesday and put the show together. If we find we can’t do something, and I can’t tell the difference between 1963 and 1983, it’s not funny. Then you click back in and do it another way."

In the interview with fellow presenter Caroline Martin, he expressed gratitude to BBC staff for their support.

There's more information about dementia on the NHS website.

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