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Posted 22 December 2014, 7.08am est

A number of broadcasters are leaving Global Radio stations this month, as stations take the opportunity to refresh their output.

Julia Hartley-Brewer left LBC last week (she'll be replaced by Shelagh Fogarty who - in spite of media reporting to the contrary - has been broadcasting with LBC for the last few months). She said:

Thank you to everyone @LBC for an amazing send-off. I am so touched & I will miss the brilliant team. Thanks for a great 4 years. Hosting a live radio phone-in show is pretty much the most fun you can have with your clothes on. I'm off on my hols now so happy Xmas!

Breakfast presenter Kojo from CapitalXtra, announced he's leaving this morning on Twitter:

Today I announce the time has come for me to leave the Capital Xtra breakfast show & my last show will be on Christmas Eve. Wanna say a massive thank you to Jade for helping me in the show for the last 2 years. It's been amazing and loved every second of it. I have agreed to continue on the station with a brand new show every Saturday morning between 6am-9am. So join me for more laughs. Thanks to my bosses for understanding my future plans and for continuing to be apart of it. I'm excited for 2015 and the new projects.

Jade, Kojo's co-host, is also leaving the breakfast show, and continues broadcasting on Sundays.

Dan Kelly, pictured, the host for Capital FM Birmingham, said on Facebook:

I’ve got something to tell you lot. I’ve been stalling because telling you makes things real, but here goes. I’m leaving Capital. I’m extremely proud to have hosted the Breakfast Show for the last 10 years. I had the option to carry on until 2016 but after much uncertainty I've realised it’s in my best interests to move on and my last show will be on CHRISTMAS EVE. I feel like I’ve been through a lot with you bunch, I always used to think it was a cliché but I genuinely feel like I got to know many of you lot personally over the years. Apart from the odd dickhead I couldn't have wished to have made radio for a better bunch. You made it fun & easy to do & it’s thanks to you I lasted so long. It’s important for me to make radio that’s primarily aimed at you lot, not managers or clients but the everyday people that make the city tick. I think for the most part I've been able to achieve that & I'm leaving with a head full of happy memories. What I will say is I’ve no intention giving up radio. It’s the only job I love, the only job I know how to do & I don’t intend to be out of it for long.

Larry Lamb from LBC has also been written out of the station's new schedules because of filming commitments.

If you're aware of more presenters announcing they're leaving their roles this week, please let us know - in the comments or via

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6 years, 4 months ago

Kay Burley also left LBC with no notice a few weeks back, replaced by Petrie Hosken. If the LBC schedule posted on the website is correct. Stig Abell will go solo from January.

6 years, 4 months ago

Ta, Martin. Kay's not been on-air for many weeks now.

6 years, 4 months ago

Sarah Cawood is leaving Heart East Anglia. Her replacement is the current breakfast show producer Heidi Secker.

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