FreeBeats1 launches in an updated app

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Posted 1 July 2015, 12.58pm edt

The 6 Seconds Mobile Music App has has been updated to version 2.0 with more music, more stations and the FreeBeats1 radio station. (We reviewed it earlier this year.)

The number of pre-stocked genres nearly doubled with more musical genres added for the young and the old. Younger music fans requested more electronic music genres so dubstep, house, techno, trance and other EDM styles were added. Older users requested genres like classic country and standards which are now also included as default options in 6 Seconds. Because genre selections are generated by thousands of human DJs, the music has a human touch and changes every day as music trends occur.

More than 10,000 new stations are available in 6 Seconds including FreeBeats1. FreeBeats1 monitors Apple's Beats1 station and plays the same tunes but without the disruptive DJ banter. Unlike Beats1, it does not require an iOS device or registering with an AppleID to listen. Any Android or iOS user can listen and no registration is required.

6 Seconds is the the most powerful mobile music experience with features not available on any other free music app. Other free services like Spotify and Pandora offer a handful of skips which are easily exhausted leaving people stuck listening to tunes they don't like. Every 6 Second user get unlimited skips plus the ability to search and play specific songs from a huge library of radio music. Anytime users hear a song they like they can mark it as a favorite and be alerted whenever available for listening.

Version 2.0 of 6 Seconds keeps the swipe driven music interface it pioneered but adds more visual appealing layout and design.

  • Left swipe skip to new songs (unlimited skips)
  • Up swipe to search
  • Down swipe for genres/favorites

Both iOS and Android versions are immediately available with FreeBeats1 pre-installed as a favorite station. 6 Seconds is available in all countries.

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