Is this the fittest radio presenter in the world?

By James Cridland for
Posted 8 June 2015, 2.59am edt

Cpl Scott Robertson

BFBS Gibraltar breakfast presenter Dan Judson, has taken up the gruelling challenge of training with the tri-service Gibraltar Gun Field crew.

The team was preparing for the annual Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity Field Gun Competition at HMS Collingwood last Saturday, where they successfully qualified for a trophy.

Newcomer Dan - third from left in the photo above - had two months of intense circuit training and mastered running with 20kg Powerbags on each arm, before he pulled the one-ton gun with the team – the same weight as a Ford Sierra.

“I was regularly in the gym and, on the odd occasion, the military PTIs would add in some Field Gun circuits which were specific but much more demanding” said Dan. “I had to survive track training without injury and gain approval of the Crew No.1 Trainer and my team mates too.”

“Individuals normally focus on one position but in my case I was utilised as Speedy Bullet, Heavy End Number, Drags, Slats, and Shackles. Despite the frequent rotation I was called the ‘dark horse’ due to my versatility and aptitude.”

At HMS Collingwood 18-man teams compete on a 78 metre-long track with no obstacles. The gun is fired six times and there are two wheel changes – all completed, on average, in 85 seconds but time penalties can also be awarded.

The Gibraltar Field Gun crew includes members from the Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and British Army. Crew No.1 Captain Kenny Alvarez is part of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment while Crew PTI POPT ‘Bungy’ Edwards, who encouraged Dan to train with the team, serves with the Royal Navy.

“It’s an absolute honour and privilege to have trained with British Forces Gibraltar for the Brickwood’s Trophy, which demonstrates some of the fittest and most disciplined personnel in the Forces,” said Dan. “The fact that I have had a clean run without penalties in 1m 48s is an added bonus. BFBS and British Forces Gibraltar have given me a truly unique opportunity, for which I’m extremely grateful.”

As Dan is a civilian, he couldn't be part of the main heats last weekend: but the team from Gibraltar did respectably well, and managed to qualify for The Soapy Watson Cup (we are not making this up) with a run time, after penalties, of one minute 43 seconds. The winner was HMS Heron at one minute 18 seconds.

Photo: Cpl Scott Robertson

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