jācapps adds Android Audio to radio apps

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Posted 6 January 2016, 4.46am est

Leading mobile application developer jācapps has announced the company's flagship V4 app platform will begin offering support for and integration of Google's Android Auto, the connected car extension to its Android smartphone platform.

This new functionality will be available as part of jācapps' App Everywhere™ product and will enable Android smartphone users with an Android Auto enabled car to access apps, including those of their favorite radio stations, from their car's infotainment system, including the use of voice commands.

Stations with jācapps' V4 mobile apps will see their apps featured (along with their logos) on in-car infotainment systems alongside other audio apps such as iHeartRadio, Pandora, and TuneIn.

"Consumers' primary technology loyalty is to their smartphones," said jācapps COO Bob Kernen, "Android owners want to see their smartphones integrated in their cars' infotainment ecosystem. That includes messaging, mapping and media choices. jācapps can now enable our clients to compete on more app-driven platforms. That's the objective of App Everywhere™."

"As the automotive infotainment ecosystem has evolved with competing platforms from almost every manufacturer, consumer demand has grown, while overall satisfaction hasn't. Google's Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are inserting themselves into this environment with the intention of unifying the user experience," adds Paul Jacobs, President of jācapps.

Nearly 30 manufacturers have announced support for Android Auto, and consumers can expect 2016 to be a big year as more and more OEMs make cars with support for Google's dashboard platform.

"Apple's and Google's dashboard ecosystems have been a major topic of conversation at our DASH Conferences," notes Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs. "We have made this project a top jācapps priority and I'm pleased we've had this breakthrough. We are excited that Google will accept station branded mobile apps. Now on to Apple!"

jācapps’ mobile apps with the new Android Auto functionality included will enable streaming of the stations' broadcast as well as access to podcasts and streaming metadata, including title/artist info and album art.

jācapps is the leading developer of mobile applications for radio. The company has developed nearly 1,000 apps worldwide for companies that include Entercom, Greater Media, Bonneville, Scripps, Emmis, Hubbard and a wide variety of public radio and Christian radio stations.

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