Kinderling Kids Radio and The Beanies entertain little ears with a new podcast

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Posted 14 December 2017, 3.31am est

Jay La

Wildy popular kids’ entertainment group The Beanies launch their new podcast Imagination Station on Kinderling Kids Radio – just in time for the Christmas Holidays!

Entertaining for both children and parents, Imagination Station will help answer those curly questions kids throw at us such as ‘What are sneezes?’, ‘How do you make bubbles?’ and ‘Why can’t sharks play jazz music?’.

The Beanies’ unique combination of educational stories, games, songs and most importantly, spaghetti, makes their podcast series one the kids will want to listen to over and over and over again.

The ten episodes include topics like snails (with an Indy 500 theme, of course); how to make pancakes for mum and dad; how to have a bowling competition in the dark (when there’s a blackout); and how to tie shoe laces.

Mim Beanie says, “We had the idea for a kid’s podcast when my sister went looking for entertainment for her son – that wasn’t a screen.”

Michael Beanie (also known as Professor Know-it-all) says, “We brainstorm each episode by talking about the things we were curious about as children. We want kids to know it’s OK to ask questions about things they don’t understand.”

Laura Beanie says, “We also want kids to imagine the story in their minds eye, that’s why we called it Imagination Station.”

Kinderling Kids Radio Managing Director Lorna Clarkson says The Beanies have a natural home at Kinderling.

“The three of them still have a way of looking at the world with child-like wonder, combined with a cheeky sense of humour.

And just like Kinderling, they understand parents are also listening, so they make sure their episodes are filled with in-jokes and quips to keep it interesting for them, too,” she said.

You can listen to Imagination Station on the Kinderling website, via the Kinderling app, or subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

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