Lincs FM presenters become Butlins Redcoats

By James Cridland for
Posted 24 May 2015, 8.00pm edt

Lincs FM

It's show time, but a different type of show for Lincs FM's presenters. They'll be performing a unique routine at the Lincolnshire Show as Butlins Redcoats.

Rob Hammond, Ross Garrigan and John Marshall (that's them above, left to right) will be put through their paces over the next few weeks at the Redcoat Academy in Skegness. The boys will be learning the fundamentals of being Redcoats, including donning the famous attire and heading out into the Butlins Skegness resort to liaise with holiday makers.

As well as learning the values of the famous Redcoats, the Lincs FM presenters will be performing two of the holiday resorts popular dances live on stage across both days of the Lincolnshire Show on the 24th and 25th June. If that wasn't enough of a reason for you to make your way to the Lincolnshire Showground, other things going on include a parade of hounds, a dog and duck show (which inexplicably isn't about a pub), the Bevox Choir, and the Lincolnshire Police Dogs. No, officer, I don't know why your dog finds my bag so interesting. Do I have to come with you now? Only I don't want to miss The Sheep Show.

Director of Programming Sean Dunderdale said, “Both Lincs FM and Butlins are trusted, well-known brands, and Butlins are rightly protective over who can, actually, wear one of their famous Red Coats. It will be a real honour for Rob, John and Ross, to walk onto our stage at the Lincolnshire Show in the unique uniform - so the pressure's really on to make sure they get it right."

Alongside the presenters' performances, there will be an exclusive, first to hear performance from the cast of Jesus Christ Superstar on the Lincs FM stage. The local cast are performing in a sell-out gig at Lincoln Cathedral later this summer as part of the Magna Carta 800 year celebrations.

Over a third of the area listens to Lincs FM, though there's been a steady erosion of the station's figures since 1999.

The Lincolnshire Show has been going since 1869, and sees 60,000 visitors. Quite apart from the events and entertainment, and hundreds of stalls and fast food outlets, there's also a Co-op on site if you need some eggs, a packet of Frosties, some bin bags, or advice on how not to run a bank.

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4 years ago

Named after founder (Sir) Billy Butlin - so the apostrophe is correct (if that's what you were querying).

4 years ago

Butlins and Lincs FM. Both brands which need to remain relevant in the 21st Century.

4 years ago

Josh - Butlin's is the family name given to a chain of holiday camps across the UK. They were set up in the 1930's as a means of providing cheap family holidays, long before cheap long haul flights and foreign package holidays.

When they were set-up and more especially after World War II, they were renowned for being a little bit militarian in their approach. As well as staying in pre-fabricated buildings (known as chalets), which had a style similar to army barracks, holiday guests were ordered to be out of bed by a certain time, have their meals in canteens at certain times, be in various venues at certain times and be back in bed no later than 10.30 PM with the lights out. Of course, as the years progressed, such rules were relaxed.

However, one thing that Butlin's was always noted for was the very high quality of entertainment that was provided. Stage shows, which admittedly were of their time, were considered as being some of the very best in the country. Indeed, many of the UK's top entertainers initially cut their craft at holiday camps like Butlin's, before gradually making their way to the likes of Royal Variety Performances and even television. To an extent, that still exists today with many future stars essentially perfecting their shows and skills in holiday camps.

It should also be noted that to be a holiday camp entertainer at Butlin's (and others), you have to be over and above a quality threshold. This is also the case for the likes of cruise ships. If you're not good enough, you don't get employed ..... and that threshold is said to be set very high.

I think at this point it should be pointed out that one of our regular contributors to this forum recently qualified as a Butlin's entertainer, which is very well done - and probably considerably better than being a commercial radio station-name repeating parrot with no personality or talent.

4 years ago

Yes, it was, Paul.

Thanks, Art.

3 years, 12 months ago

Art, do you not see the irony in CONSTANTLY going on about stations identifying themselves? I could probably pull up 50 posts, and proabably another 100 from the old forum, where you have the same old whinge. You go on and on and on and on and on and on and on.

You don't like stations saying there name. We get it. You do not need to REPEAT the fact yourself and be more REPETETIVE than the stations you seek to CONSTANTLY put down.

Change the record, please.

3 years, 11 months ago

More posting variety - this is Media UK.

I totally see the irony.

The best variety of posts. This is Media UK.

I'm doing it deliberately to prove the point that over-repetitiveness can be really annoying.

Media UK. MEDIA ........UK!!!!! More posting variety.

Over repetitiveness can be really annoying.

More posting variety - this is Media UK.

As you have just proven with your last post, you're annoyed at mine.

The best variety of posts. This is Media UK.

Yet radio stations do it quite a lot.

Media UK. MEDIA ........UK!!!!! More posting variety.

Commercial radio stations do it between every song.

More posting variety - this is Media UK.

If, of course, they have time to play songs between those idents.

The best variety of posts. This is Media UK.

Sometimes songs get cut short to make room for idents ... or worse still, music sweeps interspersed with idents.

The best variety of posts. This is Media UK.

So imagine if I try to replicate what we hear over the radio, to what we read on the internet.

Media UK. MEDIA ........UK!!!!! More posting variety.

It's irritating. Isn't it?

More posting variety - this is Media UK.

Could this be a reason why some stations are seeing very notable declines in their RAJAR's?

The best variety of posts. This is Media UK.

I find it off-putting.

Media UK. MEDIA ........UK!!!!! More posting variety.

I'm surprised, James. You defend radio stations for (excessively) branding themselves.

Keep it locked - to Media UK!!!!

Yet you appeared to be quite annoyed at me making a point repeatedly.

MEDIA UK. (whisper .... Media UK).

Ironic, isn't it?

Keep it locked - to Media UK!!!!

Why should I "change the record?"

More posting variety - this is Media UK.

When many commercial radio stations are not?

Media UK. MEDIA ........UK!!!!! More posting variety.

Modern technology lets' me know what the station is called, usually visually - but often after I CHOSE the station to listen to.

The best variety of posts. This is Media UK.

But before you say "What about blind people?"

Keep it locked - to Media UK!!!!

Blind people are blind or partially sighted. They're not STUPID!

More posting variety - this is Media UK.

However, despite you and I often disagreeing on this forum, I just want to make the point, to you especially, via this forum, that despite our differences of opinion and despite our apparent different personalities and acceptancies, I actually find you quite a dec.........

MEDIA UK (whisper...... Media UK).

(sorry - I had to cut that last sentence short to make way for a Media UK ident - just in case anyone who is reading this has a ridiculously low IQ, is utterly stupid and doesn't know what the website is called, even though they selected it and its name is proudly on display in the top corner of the screen).

3 years, 11 months ago

Generally, radio stations who over-ident themselves get their name right.

We've been "" since July last year.


3 years, 11 months ago

Good. Glad you noticed.

Radio stations should get their name right. You need to tell that to the City 2 stations.

Fairly often, in their attempts to ID the station ad-nauseum, I have heard an ident for another station instead of my local one, even though I'm definitely listening to Clyde 2 (I can't get a DAB signal for Hallam 2, Rock FM 2 or Metro 2 in Lanarkshire). Even program trailers suffer from mis-idents.

Of course, if they stopped having such ident orgies, fewer ident mistakes would happen. It's a good job I would still be able to tick that box on a diary if I was asked.

3 years, 11 months ago

By the way James C, Media UK. Com still exists and redirects to this new website. How confusing is that? Not good for recall. Almost as bad as people calling TFM 2 as Magic.

3 years, 11 months ago

Well that isn't a fault of the station wishing to create an identity (and when you rebrand a station, most people in marketing will tell you you need to tell them, tell them again and then whack 'em round the chops with it) - that's either mis-programming of the macros in Dalet, or someone's loaded the wrong items into the wrong cuts (Gromit.)

I was once told by a respected MD that "it is impossible to imagine a case where one can over-identify the station." That MD's station had 44% reach at the end of his tenure.

(It's interesting to note that when I worked for the Lincs FM Group, I got told off for starting every link with the station name and the strap.)

3 years, 11 months ago

Art: does still exist, but as you've correctly noticed, many of the pages will correctly forward to That's best practise for online, since otherwise you'd ruin all the links that people have. If people still type in to get here, then that's fine by me; unlike a radio station, I depend on actual data to earn revenue, not a vague memory test.

(And it's costing me over £100 a month to do that, so it had better be a good idea.)

I note your unhappiness with stations that indent themselves. I also would point out that RAJAR relies on people knowing the name of the station they're listening to. If they don't, that station will get poor figures and quickly go out of business. So it's understandable that radio stations want to ensure that they get the credit.

In the US, where they use PPMs (which is a whole new kettle of worms), they don't much care about the radio station name any more, and focus on reminding people what frequency they've tuned into so they won't forget to tune in again tomorrow.

3 years, 11 months ago

I would have thought that good quality, compelling and entertaining programming would help to ensure that stations don't get poor figures.

I don't have a problem with stations ID-ing themselves - but I definitely have a problem with stations overly ID-ing themselves to the point which it is about the only thing you actually hear between songs, including anything said by the presenter.

You refer to Recall and how important it is for listeners to know the station name. Agreed - but I suggest that people are far more likely to remember the name of the station if the station provides them with something memorable and compelling to listen to.

Radio Scotland hardly ever ID's itself - yet it has far more listeners in Central Scotland than our local This-is-Heart-pretending-to-be-Scottish, which can ID itself much more than 20 times an hour. Radio Scotland is a speech station by day and music station at night.

Besides, the ID-intensive Heart Scotland (In Disguise) is suffering from falling RAJARs, letting the far less ID intensive Radio 2 beat it in the same TSA (I mention Radio 2 because Heart and Radio 2 are often said to be close rivals). So that concept is clearly not working too well.

The concept of just ID-ing with a frequency is used in Australia, where the frequency is often the actual station name (as is also the case for some stations in Ireland). Yet the most listened to stations in Australia don't use that concept.

James Martin - your comments are right - it seems as though Wallace might be making some mistakes with Gromit - but surely if station ID-ing is stupendously important (and apparently just as or even more important than the rest of the programming), then it must also be stupendously important for the ID's to be 100% correct 100% of the time, right? After all, it is stupendously important that listeners do not get confused, especially since it's stupendously important to tick the correct box in a diary. However, from what I hear on-air, this does not appear to be the case - and errors are let slip as if it's nothing to be bothered about too much.

By the way James, I used to listen to Lincs FM (the signal reached Central Scotland) - and I would say that Lincs FM's success was partly owed to it being a truly local station in its time, not necessarily to do with listeners being brainwashed into hearing the name of the station all the time. I heard Lincs FM quite recently - I didn't recognise it!

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