Max Davies moves to New Zealand

By James Cridland for
Posted 28 January 2015, 5.20pm est

Max Davies, the former Managing Director of GES - the company behind commercial trafficking software Broadnet and PlanIt - has taken up a role of Managing Director for RCS in New Zealand, which is the development house for all RCS traffic management products.

Max has history in this field: before GES, he was a Director for JICRIT and set up J-ET, the electronic radio trading sales system.

Reported in, RCS International Division Senior Vice President Mike Powell commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Max Davies to RCS. His deep knowledge of traffic systems and the advertising industry is unparalleled and he will now lead an immensely talented team of professionals in New Zealand who develop ground-breaking traffic products used by some of the world’s biggest radio groups. He will play a key role alongside our Product Manager, Joanna Saré, in the strategic development of our class-leading Aquira traffic system.”

Max Davies says he is “delighted to have been given an opportunity to work with a world class, innovative company that is integral to the operations of thousands of broadcasters around the world. I am excited about using my experience of an industry I love, to contribute to the continued development of RCS’s leading edge media software solutions. RCS provides me with the perfect platform to continue working closely with both customers and industry bodies to anticipate the needs of our dynamic industry and to provide efficient, integrated solutions.”

New Zealand companies have also been the lead developer of services like the weather graphics used by BBC Weather, as well as other broadcast infrastructure.

Davies will be based in Christchurch.

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