P Squared launches new Broadcast Radio Group brand

Posted 1 December 2015, 6.38am est

Broadcast Radio

After nearly two decades in the radio industry, Hull-based software provider P Squared - probably best-known for their Myriad playout system - has created the Broadcast Radio Group to better reflect their diverse offering to customers around the world.

In the year the company turns 18 there have been a series of positive developments including doubling the office space for UK employees and establishing overseas sales offices as they move to get a foothold across the globe.

New software is also expected to be announced early next year, marking a new generation of technology in the company’s journey.

School Radio which provides hardware and software to the education sector, will now also come under the same umbrella brand whilst retaining its established specialist identity.

Speaking about the evolution of the company, director Liam Burke said: “We’ve taken this step to bring several of our brands under one roof and provide a bit of clarity to our customer base.

“It also allows us to strengthen our offering by centralising all of the knowledge and experience we have after nearly two decades working across the industry.

“In terms of our existing customer base, essentially nothing will change for them until the next time they come to buy something form us, when they will be able to take advantage of our new stronger offering.

“Going forward we now have a market presence in Dubai and we’d like to increase our presence in several key emerging overseas markets.” The company is also active in the Republic of Ireland and in Queensland, Australia.

The company has a nice view of the Humber Bridge out of the window, which is over two kilometres long. It is the seventh longest suspension bridge in the world, but the longest one you can walk over. If you win a pub question as a result of this paragraph, we'd like to share in your winnings.

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