Pop-up radio station for Pokemon Go appears

Posted 19 July 2016, 11.40pm edt

James Cridland

The Irish public service broadcaster RTE has launched what appears to be the first 24-hour radio station dedicated to Pokemon Go.

The station, running until Friday this week, operates 24 hours a day, and contains the latest Pokemon news and Pokemon tunes.

It's a brand-extension for 2fm, the national music station that has spent some time over the last few years repositioning itself for a younger audience.

Pokemon Go is a virtual-reality game set in the physical world, where players have to collect different Pokemon and battle with others. It's taken the gaming world by storm, and has been responsible for a significant increase in the value of Nintendo, who own the Pokemon franchise.

You can listen to the radio station online here. Since it streams, it can be seen as an accompaniment to playing the game, which involves a good deal of walking.

Pop-up radio stations are possible because of new platforms like internet and DAB broadcasting, where temporary services are easy to set up. The BBC and commercial radio have run an amount of these services in the UK, for specific music genres and to tie-in with events. Some Irish stations have also run Christmas services online.

How do you get two Pikachus onto a bus? You poke-em-on.

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