Radio 1 presenter hosts health podcasts for NHS

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Posted 21 November 2017, 8.42pm est

Audio Impressions, a subsidiary of Leeds based digital audio specialists This is Distorted, have produced a series of podcasts in collaboration with 5 x NHS Trusts from across the country, addressing a range of health issues facing young people.

Hosted by Cold Feet star and BBC Radio 1 presenter Cel Spellman, the programs are candid round table discussions on topics such as self harming, depression, drugs and sexually transmitted infections.

Cel helps young people from the five participating regions lift the lid on the range of issues, in an environment where they can speak openly and honestly about their experiences which they say can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and sometimes misunderstood.

The ten audio shows each focus on a different topic from online bullying to sexual health, body image to mental health, plus other threats that affect the smartphone generation, like online grooming and pressure caused by social media.

Actor and Presenter Cel Spellman, who hosts the Sunday afternoon slot on BBC Radio One and stars in ITV drama Cold Feet, met with participants in five different UK towns and cities to make the programs. The round-the-table chats were revealing, amusing, usually slightly rude and often a little emotional. “I was so privileged and moved to have heard such honest, touching & personal stories from the young people that were involved in the podcast. Firstly I want to thank them for their openness. Young people face all the classic teenage worries and troubles but it doesn’t end there. In the world of social media, current affairs and online this ‘digital generation’ have so much more to deal with and sometimes these sort of problems and issues can be misunderstood by our piers, who tell them things have never been so easy and to get on with it. Where young people have so much to think about and so much going on it can sometimes feel like it's all a bit too much. This is why it's integral to offer support but more importantly to listen and talk to one another. That's exactly what this podcast series is all about as well as giving young people a voice and a platform to be heard.”

Executive Producer Alex Jungius said, “podcasts are the perfect medium for this, personal, confidential and relatable. The young people and NHS staff who contributed were amazing, Cel was a joy to work with and we brought our vast experience of curating content and communicating directly with clearly defined audiences to a wonderful collaboration we’re extremely proud of.”

Jimmy Endicott, the NHS Project Lead, said, “Using podcasts to reach specific audiences for sensitive subject matters makes complete sense. There are the obvious benefits of confidentiality etc for the listener, but crucially the anonymity afforded by an absence of video/pictures made the contributors feel relaxed and safe.”

The podcasts @HealthUncovNHS are featured in ApplePodcasts and can be downloaded here.

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