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By James Cridland for
Posted 28 December 2015, 3.45am est

James Cridland

Gravesend hospital radio presenter Leon Gower might have spent December in Australia: but that didn't stop him from continuing to present his programme on Radio North Kent every Thursday evening.

Leon recorded his programmes and sent them back to the UK to ensure his regular listeners were kept in touch on his trip down under.

Leon played some Australian music, and took his microphone on the road - speaking to locals and recording his trip. Listeners were treated to some live digeridoo playing, as well as the dramatic moment when a shark was spotted on a Sydney beach.

On Sunday 20th December, Andrew English, the Chairman at Radio North Kent, went live to Australia (at 23:55 Melbourne time) in his show to learn more about Leon's trip, including the Victoria heatwave and severe weather that nearly meant he missed a vital flight to the outback.

Regular programmes presented in this way, plus a live link, were a first for Radio North Kent: and, perhaps, hospital radio in the UK. Unless, of course, you know different: in which case, we'd love to hear more in the comments.

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5 years, 4 months ago

It's no small feet. We ran a live weekly radio show from Indian on Unity 101 Community radio.

The horribly slow internet connection was just enough, with some fine tuning from myself, to push a live audio stream from the remote studio, back to the Unity 101 studios in Southampton.

We even went as far as to divert the studio's phone line, to Indian so listeners to make requests directly to the presenter.

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