Radio station makes peace with Justin Bieber

By James Cridland for
Posted 17 September 2015, 1.00pm edt

Daniel Ogren

In recognition of International Day of Peace, the University of Gloucestershire’s student radio station – "proudly Bieber-free" – says it's calling a truce with the pop-star.

For the past five years, Tone Radio has touted the tagline ‘the UK’s first official Bieber-free station’, and has informally banned presenters from playing songs from the artist. However, on September 21st, Tone Radio will play non-stop, back-to-back Justin Bieber songs in a vague attempt to establish peace with the mega-star, as well as an opportunity to get a story onto media news websites such as this one.

After a full day of classics like "Baby", "As long as you love me", "Boyfriend" and "Never Say Never", the station will mercifully fall silent for two weeks, while it undergoes a £7.5k studio upgrade. The upgrade has been funded in part by students and listeners.

Tone Radio will then relaunch on October 1st at 5.00pm.

Justin Bieber, pictured yesterday, was unavailable for comment. Not that we tried.

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