Radio station to kill turkeys live on air

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Posted 10 December 2014, 11.45am est

Listeners to Oxfordshire based radio station JACKfm have been asked to decide the fate of two free range turkeys.

In a poll on the station’s website, they’re being asked to vote “cook it or keep it” – if the decision is to “cook it” they’ll be killed live on air and then eaten by listeners at a Christmas party during the breakfast show on Friday 19th December.

Breakfast Presenter Trevor Marshall says: “The majority of people in the UK eat meat. If they have a problem with this then they’re hypocrites and should be opting for the nut roast.

“There is nothing better than one of these free range birds who have literally spent their lives running through orchards. We keep saying we should make an effort to know where our food has come from – well I know where these have come from, lets man up, be honest and eat these turkeys - what else are they good for?”

The turkeys, named Sage and Onion, come from Callow Farm – a free range local farming business that is run by fourth generation farmer Dave Holoway. The turkeys featured on the breakfast show are the only two not to have been killed for this years Christmas trade.

Breakfast show presenter Caroline Verdon says: “I love meat, I love to know where my food comes from and I actively look when I buy food to check that the animal had a good life…but I’ve never come eyeball to eyeball before with some alive that I’m going to eat and I can’t do it.

“If this makes me a hypocrite then that’s fine, I can live with that, I’ve seen their faces and I can’t bear to think about eating them. Lets save them. Lets help these turkey’s see Boxing Day.”

TV personality and local listener Dom Joly has thrown his weight behind the campaign to keep the turkeys: “I think the turkeys should be saved, I like animals. I’ve just been given a pig for my birthday called Wilbur …and he watches telly with me.

Do you know what, I wouldn’t mind a turkey…genuinely, if the turkeys are saved, I’ll take ‘em…and I won’t kill them.

I think we’re having goose for Christmas dinner anyway because we’re going to someone else’s house and they think they’re a bit posh and that we’re living in the 16th century”.

At the moment, 62% of people are voting to cook the turkeys.

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5 years, 3 months ago

Excellent idea, and no possible way this is a publicity stunt.

I mean, to borrow (and possibly misquote) Danny Baker's aphorism, would a ratings-conscious, profit-driven radio station really lie to you?

5 years, 3 months ago

Did you find this in the archives? We did this at Red Dragon FM in 2006.

Need to real think a bit more with today's audience. Far too predictable and old skool.

And of course, like our Sage and Onion I'm sure yours will be quite safe.

5 years, 3 months ago

My main concern is that it won't be a humane slaughter. Surely the only way to easily do this in a radio studio is to do it Halal style?

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