RadioAnalyzer moves into the UK and Ireland

By James Cridland for
Posted 4 December 2014, 8.32am est

Alan Lam

RadioAnalyzer, the Danish radio analysis company, has announced that Endre Juel Lundgren will be working for the company across the UK and Ireland.

RadioAnalyzer describes itself as a business intelligence tool for radio, that analyses how listeners react when they are tuned-in to radio, using "big data" techniques. We've seen them present at a few conferences, and they are able to calculate when different songs - and other types of content - are hits with your listeners. That detail goes as far as individual commercials, as well as different songs.

RadioAnalyzer uses minute-by-minute data, and also allows you to see details of competitors, too. It claims to make it easier to program music and plan content, and to deliver real-time listener insight. Based in Aalborg in Denmark (above), one of their clients is Danish Radio, which has increased its market share over the last few years to 80%.

The company's CEO, Mikkel Ottesen, told "Endre is a seasoned radio pro who has been living in the UK for a few years and has a good network in the industry. His vision for radio is similar to ours, so it is a cooperation we are really looking forward to."

Endre is also publisher of the popular RadioAssistant websites across the Nordic countries, and works with other radio service suppliers.

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