RadioCentre calls for radio regulation review

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Posted 2 June 2015, 11.00am edt


Speaking at the Voice of the Listener and Viewer Spring conference today in central London, RadioCentre CEO, Siobhan Kenny, called on the Government to initiate a wide-ranging review of the legislative framework governing radio.

Kenny said that in a multi-platform world, the sector is shaping up well in the face of new competition and challenges. But it is not helped by burdensome advertising regulation which fails to protect the consumer and over-elaborate content regulation.

“With a new Government in place and new leadership at Ofcom, now is a perfect time to look again at the statutory framework in which commercial radio operates. There are challenges ahead without a doubt which radio is in good shape to meet, building on its traditional strengths of local links, audience connection, great music and entertainment.

“But current regulation is a barrier to success in some ways. So-called consumer protection is responsible for the garbled warnings you hear on financial product advertising. Research shows, as any advertising person knows, that too much information is tantamount to no information at all. We would love to work with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and European regulators to come up with more effective ways of delivering the “always read the small print” message.

“In addition, as digital listening hits nearly 40%, it is time for the industry to work with Government and Ofcom to devise a legislative framework which is sustainable into a multi-platform future.”

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