RadioDNS published as ETSI standard

By James Cridland for
Posted 19 January 2015, 8.22am est

The RadioDNS Lookup Specification has been published as an ETSI standard.

The specification - which has existed since 2008 - has been published as a standard for manufacturers and broadcasters alike.

In a blog post published today, Nick Piggott, Chair of RadioDNS, said:

Getting to this point has been an important goal for us. We know that many manufacturers see ETSI standards as a guarantee of accuracy, reliability and longevity, and it removes objections to integrating hybrid radio into products that are expected to work correctly for years or even decades. In the coming months, the functionality of RadioVIS and RadioEPG will also be integrated into ETSI standards, meaning we can provide a complete chain of functionality endorsed by one of the most respected global technical standards bodies.

The project plans their ninth general assembly on 10th February 2015, when they will discuss more about ETSI standards and other activities planned for 2015. Attendance is free.

RadioDNS was originally founded as work between GCap Media, the BBC and Channel 4 Radio in 2007. It now has a number of paying members from across the world.

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