Small-scale DAB conference: see the slides

By James Cridland for
Posted 28 March 2017, 9.08pm edt

James Cridland

A recent conference focusing on small-scale DAB multiplexes, held by the UK's Community Media Association was held to be a success by delegates.

The conference, held on Saturday March 25th, included a number of presentations as well as a set of panels. The CMA have now placed the slides online.

Peter Madry from Ofcom spoke about building a licensing framework to run small DAB multiplexes. His slides include an indicative map showing the potential breadth of small-scale DAB multiplexes to be available in the UK in future.

Steve Buckley from consulting firm Community Media Solutions discussed the ownership and economics of running a SSDAB multiplex, including some indicative costs.

From Angel Radio, Ash Elford spoke about his launch of an SSDAB in Portsmouth: possibly the most successful and technically ambitious trial multiplex in the country.

From Manchester, David Duffy from Niocast shared lessons leant from the Manchester SSDAB, including research on the types of radio stations using the platform.

This event was just one in a growing number of presentations to the industry about DAB Digital Radio. Other events have been organised by the Radio Academy and the industry body Digital Radio UK.

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