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By James Cridland for
Posted 19 January 2015, 7.29am est


It's becoming simple to choose a radio app. If you want your favourite radio station's app, get that. For radio from the rest of the UK, the Radioplayer is the leading radio app. And for international radio, TuneIn has been the main app for most people: but the redesign has added complexity, complication and confusion.

So perhaps it's time for a new niche: the simple radio tuner for mobile. And, joining an iOS version that was launched last year, Streema have just launched their Simple Radio app for Android.

The company says it has an 'extremely clean user interface', and though professional radio listeners might find it a little simple, feedback from TuneIn broadcasters may point to a real need for a simple, straightforward radio tuner.

Simple Radio is on iOS and now Android.

Press Release

Streema, Inc., one of the largest radio listening services on the web, today announced the launch of Simple Radio for Android, now available in Google Play ( Simple Radio for Android has almost 25,000 radio stations from virtually every country in the world covering a never-ending assortment of music, news, sports and talk genres. Once installed, the new Android app allows users to choose a station and begin listening immediately with the reliability that only an established player in the digital space can offer. Streema already offers an online service at that reaches a global audience of more than 5 million monthly users through its radio player.

“Since launching our iOS app in October we have reached 500K installs, a milestone achieved in a short period of time,” said Richard Monte, CEO of Streema. “The response from our users has been fantastic. We have an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars, which we attribute to our simple design and focus on minimizing friction within the user experience. We have purposefully chosen to stay away from extraneous features by keeping it simple and giving users exactly what they want – access to their radio stations as fast and reliably as possible.”

The new app, with its extremely clean user interface, has one-tap access to a user’s favorite stations, making day-to-day use as smooth as possible. Streema is currently exploring additional ways of simplifying the radio listening experience, by expanding the service to wearables and car dashboards.

“Trends in wearables and the ‘Internet of Things’ are expanding access and interconnectivity to information, entertainment and much more,” continued Monte. “Gartner reports that there will be nearly 26 billion devices connected by the ‘Internet of Things’ by 2020. We plan to leverage the ubiquity of these devices to provide the best streaming media experience for millions of listeners around the world."

About Streema, Inc. Streema is a free online radio player for AM, FM and Internet radio stations. With more than 5 million monthly users, Streema is one of the global leaders in radio listening for music, news, sports and talk shows. The radio platform has more than 70,000 stations that are listened to by people from over 200 countries every day. The service is also available for mobile devices through the company’s latest app, Simple Radio, available in the App Store and in Google Play ( For more information about Streema, Inc. please visit us at

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