The Bugle podcast returns - now on Radiotopia

By James Cridland for
Posted 25 October 2016, 8.08pm edt

Andy Zaltzman

The Bugle, the weekly satirical current-affairs podcast, has returned for its fourth season, at a new home: Radiotopia, PRX's podcast platform.

Launched in 2007, The Bugle was originally produced by London newspaper The Times, and featured long-term collaborators Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver. At the end of season three, and after over three hundred episodes, John Oliver reluctantly retired from the podcast.

Season four of The Bugle sees Andy Zaltzman joined instead by a rotating cast of the world’s leading satirists and comedians, including Wyatt Cenac and Hari Kondabolu from the US, Anuvab Pal from India, and, from the UK, Nish Kumar and Andy’s multi-podcast-award-winning sister Helen from The Allusionist.

In the opener, Andy is joined by Hari Kondabolu, and talk US politics. You can hear it here.

"The show is helping us to expand our breadth of shows and topics, plus helping us with our goals of reading a more global audience. This comes on the heels of adding The West Wing Weekly podcast a few weeks ago," Maggie Taylor from Radiotopia told

The Bugle styles itself as an "audio newspaper for a visual world". It has a strong following, including listeners who are known as "Buglers". In an effort to fund the podcast, The Bugle produced lots of merchandise including a fearesomely ugly Christmas jumper.

Helen Zaltzman, Andy's sister and an announced Bugle co-host, has produced The Allusionist for Radiotopia since launch. As part of "Helen and Olly", she's also produced the Answer Me This podcast for many years. With Olly, she spoke at Next Radio 2012.

The Bugle becomes Radiotopia's sixteenth show.

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